Electronic Health Records

ERH Partners with athenahealth to Improve Patient Care Via Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Recordkeeping

When administrators and staff at ERH realized their patient care and efficiency were thwarted by outdated, error-prone legacy software that was inconsistent across departments, they turned to athenahealth for assistance.

athenahealth has a national network of 106,000 providers and 102 million patients, including a growing list of 56 community, rural and critical access hospitals. ERH partnered with athenahealth to improve the hospital’s operating margins, increase reimbursements, upgrade technology, decrease demand on providers and, most importantly, used the athenaOne for Hospitals & Health Systems® system of electronic medical recordkeeping to operate a single network which gave medical staff and administrators access to patient records updated in real-time across departments.

athenaOne is a suite of cloud-based services that includes revenue cycle management and medical billing, electronic medical records (EMR), patient engagement through a patient portal, and care coordination for hospital staff across departments.

In freeing up our providers from redundant data entry, athenahealth has given us the flexibility to be available for our patients.

Steven L. Kelley

President and CEO of ERH

Network-Enabled Services Designed to Increase Clinical and Operational Efficiencies

By implementing the athenaOne system, ERH aimed to improve patient care and coordination, as well as make hospital operations run more smoothly and efficiently in the following areas:

  • Increase clinical efficiencies from admissions through discharge;
  • Improve workflows among and between ancillary departments including pharmacy, radiology and emergency services; and
  • Increase ROI (Return on Investment) and gain benefits from visible, real-time operations reporting.

athenaOne is a futuristic product that combines the very latest in technological computing, application software and integration,” said Kelley. “Their new product compared to older legacy systems is like the difference between old rotary dial phones and the latest smart phones.

The Results: ERH is Leading the Way for Other Hospitals

Since implementing the athenaOne system in February 2017, ERH has streamlined all aspects of the hospital’s workflow—and created an important partnership in the process: ERH now assists athenahealth with ongoing development of the innovative cloud-based network system by serving as a beta site for software system improvements. More than 20 hospitals have visited ERH to see the athenaOne system in operation before selecting it for their own use.

athenahealth is proud to partner with Ellenville Regional Hospital to help streamline all aspects of the workflow,” said Angel Rosa, executive director at athenahealth. “As a single, integrated service, there’s no longer a need to cobble together offerings from multiple vendors. Our network-enabled EMR connects care across inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory services so that providers can deliver better, more efficient, patient care. With low start-up costs and zero maintenance fees, our unique business model is ideal for smaller, independent hospitals as our financial success is directly aligned with our partner hospitals. When they do well, we do well. We will continue to work alongside ERH to help coordinate care, leverage best practices, benchmark performance and manage risk.

By using the athenaOne system, ERH is helping to set the standard for patient-centered quality healthcare—close to home, right here in Ellenville, as well as nationwide—and is once again leading the way for other healthcare providers.

You Can Help Support Our Exemplary Electronic Medical Records System

You Can Help Support Our Exemplary Electronic Medical Records System

Our new electronic medical records system has allowed us to make significant improvements in providing quality patient services throughout our hospital. We’ve implemented this secure cloud-based system to streamline and unify patient record keeping that is now recognized as a model for other hospitals.

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