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Giving to ERHF is giving back to our entire community.

We depend on your generous support to assist Ellenville Regional Hospital in creating its most innovative programs and securing its future. Each donation we receive helps us to provide the best care possible for our patients.

We thank you and so does everyone who uses Ellenville Regional Hospital.

Make an Online Donation

It couldn’t be easier. Donations are processed via PayPal.  You need not have a PayPal account to donate online.

Your gift can be symbolized as part of our beautiful Giving Tree, by offering general support, by honoring someone special, or by memorializing someone who has passed on.

Make your online tax-deductible donation today.

To make a donation in memory of or in honor of someone, please enter that information in the “Write a Note” section when completing the online transaction.


The Giving Tree

Our giving tree is a beautiful 3-D sculpture located in the lobby of our main entrance. Our giving tree represents the lasting benefits of each donation made to our foundation. It is a symbol of renewal, health, and the way a philanthropic gesture can save and enhance the lives of our patients.


Gifts of stocks, securities, mutual funds, real estate, or life insurance contracts

Donating these kinds of financial instruments are wonderful ways to help the Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation advance the hospital’s mission, now and in the future. What’s more, we have professional advisors who can arrange the proper transfer of these instruments at no cost to you. It is easy to donate this way and offers financial benefits to the donor:

  • You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, existing or new life insurance contracts, or real estate
  • The total value of the gift upon transfer is tax-deductible
  • There is no obligation to pay any capital gains on the appreciation

Give through the Community Foundation of Ulster County

This makes it possible for you to give one gift and have it divided among charities that you designate, including the Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation.

Workplace giving

Ask for a Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is one of the easiest ways to support the ERH Foundation. Simply ask your human resources department to automatically deduct funds from your paycheck on a one-time basis or recurring each pay period or monthly.

Ask about matching gifts

Your company might match your gift. Many employers double, even triple charitable donations. Some companies even match gifts from retirees and/or spouses. It won’t hurt to ask!

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