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Ellenville Regional Hospital provides essential, life-saving care, and vital compassionate support to our immediate community and to patients within a 30-mile radius. We link you to state of the art services and facilities, help you access advanced diagnostic capability, and offer you skilled specialist treatment by dedicated and friendly staff. We treat you in an emergency, help you recover after an accident or surgery, and put you on the path to renewed health and wellness.

The Healthcare Hub of Our Region

Think of Ellenville Regional Hospital as the healthcare hub of our region. Spend any time with us and you’ll meet the most committed group of professionals who love and care about what they do. We succeed through innovation and collaboration. If there’s a better way to do something, we’ll do it. We never rest on our laurels. Internal collaboration means that ERH staff work together exceptionally well and productively to provide a superior level of care. External collaboration means we help you access expert specialists, here on our campus, or connect you to the finest hospitals in our region for acute intervention and advanced surgical options.

We are a teaching hospital

We Are A Teaching Hospital - A Center for Medical Excellence

Ellenville Regional Hospital is dedicated to bringing new providers, doctors, nurses, therapists,  pharmacists and other healthcare specialties into the medical community. We may just be the country’s smallest teaching hospital and are advancing community-based medical excellence.

We plan to continue on our current track: growing, shifting to meet our community needs, and training excellent health care professionals. It’s this level of commitment, dedication, training, skill and support that has won us many awards, unique in a hospital of our size and which has encouraged the trust of our region.


ERH is a non-profit, community focused hospital based in New York’s Hudson Valley. We support our local community with health, wellness, specialty services and readily available diagnostic testing. We are centrally located for residents in surrounding areas to access our subacute rehabilitation programs, specialists and ambulatory services. All "arteries" lead to Ellenville Regional Hospital.

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