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The Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation (ERHF) is a not-for-profit 501 C (3) that was founded in 2008 to help advance Ellenville Regional Hospital’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare to our local communities.  ERHF works with the Hospital Administration and Board of Trustees to help raise awareness and donations for Ellenville Regional Hospital. These generous contributions to our foundation allow us to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of healthcare needs and provide our staff with educational opportunities.

The Giving Tree
Your Gift Gives

The Giving Tree

Our giving tree is a beautiful 3-D sculpture located in the lobby of our main entrance. Our giving tree represents the lasting benefits of each donation made to our foundation. It is a symbol of renewal, health, and the way a philanthropic gesture can save and enhance the lives of our patients.


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We are happy to speak with you, just call (845) 210-3043 to talk with a member of the foundation. Members of the Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation will be glad to meet with you and/or to arrange for you or your group to tour the hospital at your convenience.

The Giving Tree

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