Subacute Rehabilitation & Swing Bed Program

Let us get you back in the "swing of things".

Ellenville Regional Hospital helps you regain your strength and independence after an inpatient event or surgical procedure. When you’re discharged from your acute inpatient or surgical stay, you may not be ready to go straight home. Ellenville Regional Hospital’s program is specially designed to give you the care and time you need to rebuild your strength and physical skills.

Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation

Healing from major surgery, like joint repair or replacement, an injury or an illness sometimes requires additional skilled nursing and rehabilitation to ensure that you have the best chance of returning home with maximum function. Whether you were treated at Ellenville Regional Hospital or another hospital, our Sub Acute Rehab / Swing Bed Program will get you feeling better, stronger, and ready to resume your life.

Our Services

  • Skilled Nursing including – Infusion and IV Therapy, TPN,  LVAD and Life Vest, Physical, Occupational and Speech, Respiratory Therapy, Wound Care Services and individualized activities.
  • Case Management performs a thorough assessment  to determine the planning needs.
  • Case Management coordinates weekly team and family meetings to ensure that you return home and to prior level of function.
  • Full time providers round on patients daily, as well as specialists available on site.
  • For your safety, 24/7 Emergency Department, Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy, and other services available on site.
  • Nutritional Therapy including GI feeding and Enteral Nutrition to build strength after stroke, cancer or failure to thrive.
  • What makes our program different?
    • Private rooms with beautiful, healing views of the Shawangunk Ridge.
    • Individual Program tailored to your needs.

This varied and challenging program will assist you in your individual, achievable goals. You will meet with our NYS Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists to evaluate your current functional status. They will create a treatment plan for you to achieve your best personal outcomes, which helps drive every opportunity to have you return to home.

A Healing Environment

ERH’s Sub Acute Rehab / Swing Bed Program offers comfortable private rooms, nourishing and inviting meals, and a full and active schedule with expert support to help you regain mobility, agility, functional life skills, motor skills, and more. Medicare and many private insurance carriers cover these services. For further details on the Sub Acute Rehab / Swing Bed program please contact: Cathy Brooks, RN, 845-647-6400 ext. 341.

What we expect from you

You’ll be encouraged to participate in daily physical therapy and occupational therapy for self-care activities, and in our recreational program. All play a part in your recovery.

Daily schedule

  • 7:30–9:00am Bathing, Dressing and Breakfast – All patients must be dressed in day clothes and ready for therapy.
  • 9:00am–12:00pm Physical Therapy and Activities – You will have one private therapy session and one group session per day.
  • 12:00 Noon – Lunch  – Our food is delicious and you can work with our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, to become more aware of your diet and any additions or restrictions and changes. Our Registered Dietician  is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with expertise in diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
  • 1:30pm–4:00pm Continued Therapy Services and individualized activities.
  • 5:00pm Dinner – We pride ourselves on offering tasty and appetizing food. If you want something that’s not on the menu, just ask, and we can probably suit your taste!
  • 6:00pm Free time,  and family/friends visiting hours.

What you can expect

The purpose of the Sub Acute Rehab / Swing Bed Program is to get you ready to make the transition to home. While you may need skilled nursing assistance, you’ll also be building up your strength and movement ability. The program is varied, interesting, and challenging.

Contact Us

Contact: Cathy Brooks, RN, 845-647-6400 ext. 341

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Our Board, leadership and staff are focused on quality and compassion. Being the finest small hospital in the country means you benefit from our innovations and initiatives, such as our approach to population health in our community and opioid reduction programs. Our dedication to improvements in Ellenville Regional Hospital has won awards and recognition nationally.

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Since implementing the athenaOne system in February 2017, ERH has streamlined all aspects of the hospital’s workflow.

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Our focus is on narrowing the wide variation in treatment for patients with chronic pain.

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Award-Winning Care

We are continually improving the outcomes for our inpatients through our Swing Bed Outcomes Improvement Project.


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