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The mission of the Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network (EHN) is to promote the improved health and health equity of our rural community through increasing access to services, and enhancing the local health and human service workforce.

We implement these programs in our community with grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration for the Healthy Hearts and Children’s Healthy Eating & Fitness (CHEF) programs.

These grants allow us to provide our community with programs such as the ShopRite store tour. Other programs we are currently facilitating include:

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Narrative on Project Rescue:

The Medicaid Accelerated eXchange (M.A.X.) Series Program provides medication assisted recovery services to help reduce the need for pain medications and reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

Services provided include:

  • MAR services
  • Care management services
  • Harm reduction
  • NARCAN training

When someone with chronic pain visits the Emergency Department, care management services provide a warm hand-off to a Care Navigator at the Family Health Center of Ellenville, a Federally Qualified Health Center on our campus. The Care Navigator effectively links these patients suffering with chronic pain to a primary care provider or a pain management specialist, as well as to ancillary services to address underlying substance abuse/mental health issues and quality of life issues.

Ellenville Regional Hospital is dedicated to helping anyone struggling with any substance use by linking and referring to treatment programs and resources within the community. We do accept Medicaid for this program.


Our Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network Team!

Top Row- Left to Right: Brittany Fusek, Danielle Ciancio, Tonya Stokes, Shannon North

Bottom Row- Left to Right: Victoria Reid, Brandon Bogart, Shanna Nigro

“We are able to provide the assistance of a Community Health Worker for individuals who are at an increased risk for heart disease.”

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