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The mission of the Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network (ERRHN) is to continuously pursue healthier lives for everyone in our community.

The Rural Health Network Wellness Program is available at no cost to individuals and families with increased risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. The program offers supportive resources such as a Community Health Worker, Nutritionist, Cardiac Wellness Rehab, among a number of other physical, nutritional, and educational classes.

Project RESCUE assists individuals in need to navigate their treatment and recovery journey. We can provide 24/7 Medication Assisted Recovery (Buprenorphine) in the Emergency Department, with a warm hand off to a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate and transition into treatment. We can also help with questions about accessing treatment, help finding the right treatment center, finding a way to sign up for insurance, etc.

We implement these programs in our Community with Grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

These grants allow us to provide our community with programs and workshops such as those mentioned above. Other classes and workshops we are currently facilitating include:

Wellness Workshops and Programs

Substance Use

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