Guest Information

Welcome to All Our Patient Visitors

Visiting hours

12:00 noon – 8:30pm

Gift Shop hours

9:30am – 3:30pm

Cafeteria hours

8:00am – 2:00pm

ERH is a tobacco free hospital. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on hospital grounds.

At Ellenville Regional Hospital, we believe that visiting relatives and friends has a positive effect on recovery and improves a patient’s spirits and morale. Our aim is to provide a safe and healing environment for all our patients. Rest and quiet are essential elements for our patients’ well-being.

Please respect the following guidelines

  • Visitors are limited to two (2) people at a time in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our patients, and to assure a restful environment.
  • Visitors must be age 18 years or older.

Please see additional information below:

  • Visitors should stop at the nurses’ station before going to the patient’s room.
  • Visitors should use public restrooms rather than patient bathrooms.
  • To protect patients’ privacy and minimize noise, cell phone use is restricted to waiting rooms and common areas such as the Gift Shop, lobby and meeting rooms.
  • Please do not sit on patient beds, as a courtesy to patients.
  • You may be requested to leave a patient’s room during an examination. A nurse will indicate when you may return.
  • Use of cameras, including the camera feature on cell phones, is prohibited.
  • Overnight stays in patient rooms are not permitted.
  • Please let our nurses’ station know when you are leaving so that others may visit your relative or friend.

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