Tribute To Our Heroes

Tribute to Our Heroes

Dear Supporter:

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented health, economic and myriad other challenges for all of us. Last year we honored our front-line essential workers who worked tirelessly to get us through 2020. This included doctors, nurses, health care professionals, EMT’s, police, firefighters, aid workers, grocery store workers, and others.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still with us. This year we want to pay homage to the unsung heroes among us- the citizens who stepped up and made a positive difference in our community.  They did this quietly, continuously, and without fanfare. Their contributions, whether large or small, played an important part in helping us all get through this, together.

Who would this be? Perhaps a local food pantry whose members stepped up to meet the needs of far more families than ever before. Or a teacher who found ways to effectively engage students remotely. Or a local community organization who expanded their mission to help those with unprecedented pandemic-related needs. Or parents who took it upon themselves to master new technologies and other strategies to keep their children learning without classrooms. We can think of many more examples, and we suspect you can too.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. What we have seen over the past year is that it takes a village – or a town, or an entire community- to rise above a crisis and not only survive but thrive.  Please join us in honoring these unsung heroes by taking a sponsorship or ad in the Tribute Booklet to honor a specific individual or group. We will print hard copies of the Booklet and will also make it available electronically on the Ellenville Regional Hospital website and Facebook page. Sponsors will also be listed on the hospital’s digital sign on Route 209.

We are grateful for your continued support of our unsung heroes and of Ellenville Regional Hospital.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
William Brown, Chairman

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